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7 tips for better creative projects

Creative working on her laptop in a coffee shop
Young muscian working in his home studio

Creative teams everywhere are wasting far too much time on tedious admin tasks. If you spend more of your working day in your email inbox or file explorer than you do working on creative assets — then your tech needs to work harder to remove this friction.


Dropbox lets you cut out the unnecessary admin, so you can focus on creating. Here’s how:

Simplify video and audio reviews

Collaborate in real time, from anywhere

Share large files with anyone

Accelerate and secure your creative ideas

Access and recover previous versions of content

Bypass hard drive space limits

Speed up sign-offs and approvals

Take the friction out of collaborating and free your team to focus on their best work. Download the Dropbox for Creative Teams eBook to find out more.

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eBook: 7 tips to enabling creative work

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